Trail Diver - Dark Disco (Single)

Release date: 05/01/19


Trail Diver's 'Dark Disco' Electro-Funk Single blends a party atmosphere with soul and heavy synthesis.

Trail Diver & Lumagrove - Singles

Release date: 2015-2016


Trail Diver and Lumagrove have been making music together since 2012. The High Hopes EP along with a number of singles were all part of their first steps towards an electronic fusion project.

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Trail Diver - Trail Diver EP

Release date: 12/16/16


Trail Diver's  'Trail Diver' EP contains a blend of samples and live instrumentation to make an organic/electronic fusion.

Trail Diver - Neutrality EP

Release date: 1/13/15


Trail Diver's 'Neutrality' EP combines samples of organic world music with synthetic, electric tones and percussive breaks to mold a unique style of its' own.